Monday, May 10, 2010

Yeay! I am now officially a member of the library.

As Salam 'Alaikum and Good Day!

I just registered at 'Perpustakaan Komuniti Petaling Jaya'. RM31 for the registration fee is quite worthy with the benefits I get. Now I can officially borrow any book from the library and I already did it as soon as I get the library card. Now I can spend my time reading 'Azizi Abdullah's Kawin-kawin' and 'Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice' without spending any ringgit for the books.

I would really suggest that you guys become a member of your nearest library. Trust me, it is fun and not to forget, informative as well. Reading brings you many benefits. So hurry up, don't waste this golden opportunity!

p/s: I present to you my new library card.


khaliq said...

ek ele...bru jd membe ke...hahahah

sufi_belayar said...

hehe, tengok sket tarikh, bulan 5 tu, dah 6 bulan dah...hehe